The Skin Herbalists

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The only clinic to guarantee you results or your money back when you book for a 12-week transformation package.

At The Skin Herbalist Clinic, we take a holistic approach and are dedicated to working with clients who are struggling with their skin. Our goal is to leave you with results and the confidence to love the skin you are in. We use a blend of clays, herbs, and natural ingredients that have different therapeutic properties, these are customised uniquely for your complex skin condition.

Our mission is to uncover the root cause of your skin condition and develop a unique personalised skin treatment plan for you, that includes dietary and lifestyle measures. Our experienced and dedicated skin therapists have years of experience in complex skin conditions, including PCOS and hormonally driven acne. Our method of treating helps to minimise and prevent scarring; boosts the skin’s ability to heal and maximises hydration of the skin.

Our belief is that skin should be treated gently and that skin cells should not be forcibly removed from the skin, which means that even skins that are red and sensitised can be successfully treated without inflaming them further. The process of treatment rebuilds the protective functions of the skin, making the skin more resilient and stronger.

The products we choose to use at The Skin Herbalist are Roccoco Botanicals and our own unique line available exclusively through our clinic. Both products have a strong focus on herbs and botanicals that have strong anti-inflammatory properties. What makes us different from others on the market is that we use specific formulations to treat the unique needs of both acne-prone and sensitive skins.

Our products are tested on people who get eczema and have hyper-sensitive skin, guaranteeing our no sting or burn formulas and an end to sensitivity. Sensitive skins can finally treat conditions such as pigmentation that they hate but have just accepted because every product you tried irritated you, and you thought you just had to put up with it. Our unique formulas allow you to get results for every skin condition and type without irritation. As a result, our clients receive unparalleled results, where previously they have failed. So you can have flawless skin guaranteed.