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Check out our most popular modality Spinal Flow Technique which is a powerfully effective yet gentle way to ease physical and emotional stress!

The Spinal Flow Technique relieves pain, symptoms and dis-ease by connecting your nervous system to your brain to release spinal blockages and integrate your experiences.

The technique transforms your well-being by connecting you to what already works in your body and expanding that to allow the Spinal Wave to flow from the coccyx to the cranium.

Anita is a fully certified practitioner. Feel free to reach out to see if this can help your specific needs.

Aromatherapy and Body Therapies also available for you to experience fresh glowing skin, and blissful relaxation.

Advance bookings highly recommended!

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A range of carefully selected effective and affordable vegan plant based products are also available.

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Anita has provided modalities for health and well being for over 20 years, and loves working with a diverse range of people.

Her primary areas of interest include autism, diabetes, chronic pain and stress.