Paula Cliffin Skin

Med spa - Cleveland 4163

I don’t offer facials but do offer facial therapyfacial light therapy & facial rejuvenation however I prefer to call what I offer Skin Solutions.

So, you won’t find fancy collagen or whitening or vampire facials on my menu because all of my skin treatments are bespoke, meaning they are created especially for you and what your skin needs on the day I see you. I customise your facial therapy and facial light therapy by mixing different targeted ingredients to address your priority skin condition with different modalities of treatment.

I specialise in facial therapy, light therapy & facial rejuvenation – however I go about it a little differently to most. Let me explain – not all products nor treatments are created equally, it truly is a minefield for the consumer when it comes to making the best choices skin. Having worked in the industry for a really long time, I come from a completely different direction to most believing we need to assist our skin to heal itself, also known as corneotherapy.

Corneotherapy is the protection & preservation of the stratum corneum at ALL times. 1.1 Cosmetics can influence the process of the upper layers of the skin. Cosmetics should help to maintain the protective barrier of the skin, supplying potential to restore its components & protecting against negative environmental influences. 1.2 Corneotherapeutic products are free from fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, colours, mineral oils, silicones & amines.

I am a practising Corneotherapist, which means I only stock corneotherapy skincare. I not only care about what goes on & into your skin but into our environment & waterways as well. My fit-out has been achieved with low or no emission fixtures and fittings & plants for oxygen exchange. I also recycle 95% of my clinical waste through a comprehensive resource recovery service, Sustainable Salons ANZ which funnels any profit back into our local community through meals for the homeless etc. Win, win for everyone.

I am privileged to assist clients with their skin health, this is definitely not something I take lightly.