Inspiration Place

Med spa - Kew 3101

Inspiration Place was created to reveal & guide you to the best version of yourself, from skin to within & back again!

We are a multidimensional wellness centre and connection point that will inspire and move you to awaken your skin, body, mind, spirit and soul! 

The Inspiration Team are Holistic Skin Practitioners, Corneotherapists, Wellness Coaches, Educators, and Spiritual Mentors, Light Workers, ambassadors of self-love, self-connection and self-mastery 💜

We are here to serve people in transforming both their inner and outer lives 🙏

Individually we have many years of experience, knowledge, certification between us – but it is collectively that we are able to most powerfully serve you, and our global online tribe

We provide potent, incredibly unique and life changing soul-based skin treatment methods, quantum & health coaching, education, and energy therapies.

This unparalleled combination of science and spirituality therapies takes you from just superficially “surviving’’ to the deep, long term thriving you have been craving. 

You have found the place to guide you on this journey to liberate yourself from a three dimensional paradigm, this tiring, comparative & judgemental “survival of the fittest” mentality.

Reconnect with your soul, your heart, your inner wisdom, magnify love & unity and amplify the experience of your life 🌷

Looking forward to connecting with you!!