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Hydromerse for Professionals

Hydromerse Skin Care now offers 6 new Cosmeceuticals in addition to our breakthrough product
Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask.

Whether you are a Dermatologist, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Aesthetician, Beautician, or Makeup
Artist, Hydromerse Skin Care has products especially designed for all skincare professionals.
We believe in supporting all skincare professionals that wish to stock and use any of our products
with profitable pricing for your business. We will also, over time, be releasing professional-sized
products for use exclusively in your clinic or salon.

Whether it’s Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask for use before, during, or after aesthetic
procedures, or Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals for use in the clinic or take-home packs, we have you
covered with the very best pricing for your business.

Please click on our “Salon and Clinic Ordering Page” and you can access all our products at stockist
prices. (Please note you will require a password to access this page, this can be obtained by clicking here)