Halo Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo - Alburu 2640

Halo Studio is a premium and bespoke, Cosmetic and Paramedical Micro-pigmentation brand that was established to empower people to look and feel their confident best.

At Halo, we believe real beauty is achieved by feeling truly confident in who you are.

Specialising in the latest Cosmetic and Paramedical technology and techniques, from cosmetic permanent makeup, concealing scars and Areola re-pigmentation, we help you to find what makes you look and feel beautiful.

Our point of difference is our bespoke approach and our highly qualified Paramedical Micro-pigmentation specialist, who has trained worldwide and is a masters of her craft.

Combining artistry with experience, we provide a truly tailored and safe experience, working with you to achieve the very best results.

Guided by expert hands, in a bespoke and caring environment, we can help you to feel your confident best.

Let us take you on the journey of healing with tattoo.