Elle Aesthetics

Face treatments - Brisbane 4122

Nothing is more important to us than maintaining the integrity of our hair and skin, our clinical yet pampering approach to treatments work deep and slow for long-term natural beauty.


Our superlative skin treatments is an experience to dream about, but we don’t stop with ultra-luxurious handwork. We also incorporate products that carry the latest and patented bioengineering technology to provide the most effective yet gentle results for all skin types and most skin conditions. Skin health is a long-term investment, it takes time to bring out the best in you.

We specialise in teenage and adult acne, solar aging and pigmentation.

Our mission is to treat intermediate skin conditions in the least invasive way possible.


For our curated handmade lash crafting, we only use cruelty-free extensions so you can wear only ethical beauty.

With continuous commitment to finding the most kept-secret techniques, Elle Aesthetics is able to BREAK the myth of natural lash loss from constant wear of lash extensions. For lashes we aim for the highest retention so you make the most out of each appointment. As the skin and eyes are such delicate areas, Elle Aesthetics ensures that time is taken for precision and customisation at each one of our sessions for a look that says “you”.

Your experience at Elle Aesthetics means that you cared for under calming scents, gentle touch and manoeuvre – so you can relax deeply into your lash treatment.

For all beauty treatments, we focus on preserving the health and original nature of your beauty.